Home of Sporting Clays in Perth




There are plenty of ‘have a go’ opportunities for visitors wanting to experience sporting clays for the first time.

We run practice shoots, competition shoots and hold coaching days for our members and guests on both grounds that make clay target shooting available most weekends.


We have amazing members who are very welcoming to all new shooters from newbies to experienced shots, you will feel at home, amongst our family of shooters, we are always moving forward and working hard to improve all the grounds and upgrade our machinery to give you a better shooting experience.  


Sporting Clays is one of 3 “clay target” disciplines, unlike Skeet and Trap disciplines that are shot from fixed position open area targets, sporting clay targets are different for each and every target and are set in a bush setting where targets can be thrown high in the air or low to the ground, between trees and land contours.

Sporting clays is the closest to the natural flight paths of the various birds and animals that the clay target sport is originated from.


Interested in giving sporting clays a go? 



Wanneroo Ground

Located at the Wanneroo Shooting Complex in Pinjar this spiralling natural bush ground is the home to most of our competition shoots as well as Saturday practice days and regular coaching days.

We have club house facilities that include amenities available to all and ample car parking.

With over 20 traps, and the available space, we have many stands and almost unlimited options for clay target positioning enabling every experience to be completely unique with varying

degrees of difficulty, providing an enjoyable experience for beginners to the experienced 


Whiteman Ground

Located at the International Shooting Complex in Whiteman Park, our Whiteman Ground is a great central location, although smaller then its sister ground, it’s got all of the funkiness of it’s big sister with the same PMSC focus on hospitality, friendliness, family feel and provides the same fantastic shooting experience.

We are open mainly on Sundays and the ground offers all the amenities that Wanneroo ground has to offer.

At Whiteman we shoot more Compak/5 stand and English Sporting with more practice days than competitions.

Rifle Ground

Perth Metro Sporting Clays also has a Rifle ground located at the Wanneroo Shooting Complex that is for the exclusive use of PMSC members.

Members have access to this rifle range 5-6 times a month to either just sight your rifles or to join the team to have some fun with a couple of competitions, nothing serious and inclusive of all calibres.

The 400m range has covered rifle benches and grassed areas.

It’s all about joining in and fun part of practice and competition.

We run about 20 or so shooters on competition days and a flow of members on range 

available days.

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We believe that our members are the most important part of our club and their happiness and enjoyment is top priority so, with this in mind, Coaching is a must, we have some fantastic PMSC coaches some are nationally accredited with SCA and some are club accredited all are volunteers, we all want your shooting to improve, so you enjoy your sport as much as us. We have 3-4 coaching days a years and smaller group days regularly throughout the year, where you will get more intensive training because you become part of our shooting family! You will find many of our experienced shooters will help you while you are out with them shooting too.  All extra dates are on your membership email so never miss a day of extra events.

Sporting Clays is one of the fastest growing shotgun sports in Australia.



I was first introduced to Sporting Clays about 2 years ago by my brother-in-law and quickly come to enjoy it.  I think the attraction goes beyond the skills and competition which are great and extends to the club and the members involved.  Members dedicate their time, energy and resources to make it the very best possible, without payment.  If passion and dedication are measures then Perth Metro Sporting Clay have it in spades.  I love the fact that the members are friendly, open and willing to share and encourage you in your shooting journey.  The Sporting Clay community are awesome in my eyes and I love being involved



The most welcoming, professional and enjoyable club in WA. 

It’s a big family that I am so glad to be part of. 

A great atmosphere on all practice, corporate and competition days. 

It’s my club for life.


Wanneroo gun club is mint the people are awesome it’s clean, professional has hot food and a pot belly. The challenging targets come with friendly effective coaches who help you hit those tricky ones Love your efforts PMSC. 

Thank you

Chris & Ange

I would like to say that my Wife and I absolutely love the way the club has evolved this past year or so. The friendly team style atmosphere is very inviting, especially as my Wife is a bit awkward in new surroundings. So much so that our Eldest Son and Fiancé attended 3 weeks ago and have now applied for licences. Looking forward to many more shoots.